Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai

N.J.S - the Japanese Bicycling Association

Keirin racing is extremely popular in japan, its exciting, extremely competitive and the stakes are high - quiet literally as there is a lot of money made and loss on the kierans.
Because of this the NJS certification came about. This ensures a level field, with no one getting an adavantage or disadvantage. There are a very limited number of frame builders who are NJS certified and limited choice when it comes to parts.

NJS cetification has history, a beautiful history. A lot of pride is put into craftsmanship of these frames.

Current want.

Built up with Dura Ace pretty much everything, and the standard Nitto controls and Five Gold Kashimax saddle - I'd be a happy man.

Actually any Eimei in silver/grey/fluroyellow/funky paint job would be welcome as would:
Vivalo anything, Panasonic is a funky colour scheme, A bright coloured Level, Nagasawa anything, a matt coloured Kiyo and/or/not limited to a Kalavinka. Fuck it, Peter Bundy custom?

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