Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Task 2

No idea how to start this. I talk a lot, but seem to struggle typing. I blame the fingers.

Since I've been able to tie my shoelaces up I’ve always pulled stuff apart, from pens to toys as a kid, to now bicycles, and cars. I've always had an interest in how stuff works, why it works and why it didn't do 'that', just like 'this'. Since senior school I've always preferred the workshop to the class room. That hands on stuff was the best, always beats scribbling in books.

I've worked in retail for almost 4 years in 3 different jobs, I enjoy this. To say I'm into cycling would be an understatement. I have an opinion of everything. I like to be well informed and know lots, and spend a large time on the internet cause I followed a link that led to something interesting, which led to something else interesting which lead to another thing which I didn't know but a few more links helped my understand that other thing. I’m very passionate about a few things. I’ve usually got about a thousand ideas. I often wonder why I can’t get my thoughts into words, or drawings. I go off on tangents regularly.

Year 11 came around and I picked as many 'hands on' activities as I can (industrial technology and Design and Technology), which both contained major projects in year 12. The following year my design and technology teacher REALLY influenced the way I thought about design, and the way I went about 'it'. IDEO is also a big influence on my design thinking. Armed with this I took on industrial design at uni, content with this choice thus far.

To be honest, I still can't pin point exactly what influenced me to make this decision but I have a strong imagination and can picture myself sitting at a large desk, cluttered with sprawl, thinking about how to solve that issue, unknown at this time. I don't know what it is but I just know and want to do this, this industrial design.

I want to be able to design everything
I want to design everything really, from systems to products to the logos and mottos of a company
I want to design anything related to cycling
I want to make my own business, big or small
I want to work/live in New York, Germany, Canada, England, France and New Zealand but end up back in Sydney
I want to have job that I love and look forward to each day

To sum the clutter up, I want to innovate products and create those ‘why didn’t anyone else think of that’ solutions to problems faced everyday. Designing solutions, that’s sounds good lets leave it at that.


  1. Through reading your reasons in becoming an industrial designer, it is clearly seen that your years of high school and the years of working in retail has influenced you to be interested in this area of design. i can see you have a big goal in designing anything and everything. It is lovely to hear that passion from someone.

  2. Its clear id is for you. It is obvious that you have the skill set that all designers must have. Oblique thinking and problem solving is a very important skill to have. Very well written.