Monday, August 9, 2010

Task 4:

Task 4: Design Excellence
Item: Eton Soulra

The Soulra by eton (who are famous for making radios) is a pretty cool product. An iPhone/Pod docking station, which is solar powered and weather proof. Technically is not the best product as the charged battery only last 4 hours while playiing music and chargin your ipod, while takes 10hours to fully charge via the sun (also comes with 240v charger). Retailing at $199 its pretty good valve.

I took more of a sales pitch in my design analysis poster. Working in retail 'selling the sizzle' is basically pointing out a feature and making it sound good so YOU can picture yourself owning it, so I went with that. I wanted to set myself aprart from the standard response to the task with this. I do like my end result.


  1. Your poster looks great mate, really well laid out and eye-catching, well done!

  2. sounds like a great product although the battery only lasting for four hours whilst being charged for 10 is a bit of a let down. I think your posterr is clear and reflects the style of the productt

  3. Your poster displays your product in an interseting view, where the movement of pieces is demonstrated. The contrast of the white background is effective in highlighting the product, also creating a clean and uncluttered poster. My only suggestion would be to make your annotation text a grey colour, so that it is not competing with the product.