Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Task 6a

Human Centred Designed.
To say this video resonates with me would be fairly correct. From the very start til the very end.


'Once a year...
...1000 remarkable people gather in Monterrey, California
to exchange something of incalculable value
Their Ideas'

Just Yes. It’s just so right, what I couldn't put into words before can now be eloquently, 'Ideas are of incalculable value'. I've been excited before someone has even opened their mouth.

When David Kelley opens his mouth it a lot of good stuff which comes out, and his experience in the industry really shows. Presenting ideas in the form of video (as an experience) has defiantly broadened my thinking, especially in presentation.

In the video a product such as the Lesino/lezinyo? Reader screamed iPad to me, but then realising that the iPad is 8 years younger. Also proving the point apple really know know to take technology to the masses. The whole interactive design in the museum is something I like a heap, getting pretty involved, by making things fun or something someone wants to do is a cool concept which Volkswagen have embraced with the 'fun theory'.

The cubical design reminds me foremost of ideo, in newyork, and their workspace. By creating a better work environment, workers are happier, they work more productively, and life is 'sweet'. And just like that ad on tv which I cannot remember the name of, happiness is contagious.

Spyfish, kind of lame and seems to be a product that was created to solve a problem that didn't exist. I'm sure it works, and does everything like it said, but surely it would be a small market. Cool use of technology but really, leave that spyfish for researchers and get yourself some goggles. Unlike the aprrotech project which is jaw-droopingly-cool. The world would be a better place if there was more like it.

Some of the ideology in this short video such as the human centred designed concept is pretty rad. The idea of designing an object to steer a behaviours and/or emotion of the end user is something which I picked up from the ideologies of bus designs' Steven Bauer. 'Aesthetics is more than just a way an object looks, it's the way an object makes the user feel'. The idea of being able to implant a certain reaction within an object is very appealing, and to be able to provoke an emotion itself through design, well, awesome.

All in all, the video was really good (minus the BMW's) in widening my thinking in a number of fields, but I would really like to here some of David Kelley's moustache's thoughts on a few of the matters next time.

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