Sunday, September 9, 2012

IDES3222 Project 1 FINAL

Cormack Innovation Awards:
Form is driven by the shape of tissues. The shape couldn’t be too organic or the tissues would spoil. The pivot and split are deliberately placed so that when the lid is opened it can isolate a single tissue. This is aided by the angled base.
Polypropylene is used so a live hinge can be employed. It’s also very scratch resistant, which in a product which will be reused, keeps the product looking fresh and not run down – so the user is happy to keep using.
Making it refillable, means there will be less consumption of plastic in the mid-long term product lifecycle. The Collar around the refills allows the tissues to easily line up.
Rest of the information can be found on the posters.


  1. A good problem to address in your packaging assignment, with an obvious issue to be addressed. I like the front detail on the packaging for dispensation, and your boards are also pretty crisp.

    This packaging item is going to cost a lot more than the usual packaging, how do you think you can justify this extra cost in packaging?

    I think a good end result, well done.

  2. Quite an interesting product - I think it's great when you need to bring a pack of tissues. You could put it in your bag without worrying about the contents being crushed.

    However, I do have some concerns about the refills from a hygienic point of view - there's nothing protecting the tissues from getting dirty apart from the 'collar' - and when you put a shrink wrap over the refills, you're back into the current tissue packaging. It would be great if you could add more utility to justify the better packaging - waterproofing could be a good one.

    Otherwise, great work.

  3. I like the idea and i think the problems you have addressed are valid. The product works and your posters make the usage very clear.
    However i'm not exactly sure if this product is a great pick for kids. My main criticism would be that your posters although good, don't emphasis on the child user much. They seem like they would appeal more to an older audience.

    Great job though, the product is very well resolved and clearly represented.

  4. Hi Alex. Your idea comes across as something NEW to the [dry] tissue packaging market. I say "dry" tissue market because wet wipes have had some innovative plastic packaging solutions and I feel your idea is similar to plastic wet wipes packaging but in the dry tissue market.

    Perhaps your the labelling of your refills could be flashier and more related to the permanent pack so people know when buying the refills separately that they are for your brand's permanent pack.

    Otherwise I agree with Patrick about there not being enough protection for the tissues in the refill. If you want to avoid the plastic film then maybe you could have the refills in little cardboard boxes which could be recycled when the tissues are put in the permanent pack?

    Your posters look great, loving the graphic style!

  5. Interesting design concept, certainly a lot more interesting than existing packaging for tissues, and really like the idea that it's refillable, the colour variations could be shown a bit more in the posters but overall good form.

    good work

  6. Hard to believe that existing tissue packaging is so complex and doesn't deliver convenience to the user. Whereas, you've solved this problem - isolating a single tissue is genius! You should consider changing the colour of the packaging to a more lighter colour because as it is at the moment looks a bit heavy/bulky.
    Good work though!

  7. I think that this is a really good idea Alex, I have always found that existing travel tissue packs have vast areas for improvement, and your design fixes a lot of those issues.

    I think that the only improvement that could be made is possibly with the graphics on the actual product. I can see that because of the shape of the product it is hard to get much room for graphics, but maybe making it more colourful somehow would appeal more to kids.

  8. I like that design because it is a smart idea and especially useful for woman, who need to buy tissue usually, But the poster dose not show how to refill the package , but it is still a nice and sustainable idea