Monday, September 10, 2012

IDES3222 BLOG Comments - Project 1

'I really like the simplicity of this design, and the graphics on the front tie in nicely with the overall image.
If I could change one thing to improve it would be to make it more ergonomic so it can rest really nicely in the end users hand'

'I really like that this is a well thought out and resolved design. As an improvement I'd suggest using a different colour for the buttons you've got to push for a better semantic guide'

'The shape of the Pengoo packaging is really nice and fluid, which is really good. I think the graphics lets it down a little cause it doesn't really scream toothpaste - could the label be shaped like toothpaste? '

'I really like the simplicity of the product. The application is really well thought out - well done.
I'd like to see further exploration of the form as a possible place for improvement.'

'Hey really nice, engaging project you have there. The eye catching design and proportions of the product are really nice.
Only improvement I can see is improving the communication of how the thing works.' 

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