Wednesday, October 17, 2012

IDES3222 Rationale + CAD

The TRYCYCLE is a bicycle rental system which is based out of existing and functioning bicycle shops. The TRCYCLE bicycle is to be leased out on semi-permanent basis, these bicycle will be leased to those who are seeking an alternate transport option to buses and driving where, congestion and traffic is frustrating to be in (which is funny, cause they’re the cause!). Not only is congestion frustrating and stressing but isn’t overly great for the environment, with the greenhouse gases and other pollutants the internal combustion engine gives out.

The system starts with the TRYCYCLE website directing customers to the nearest TRYCYCLE dealer. The bicycle shop can measure and fit the bicycle correctly to the rider using there knowledge, and set the bike up to this. The TRYCYCLE is always in stock, given the frames can be broken down, they store smaller than a regular bicycle frame. If there are any problems with the bicycle you can simply let the nearest TRYCYCLE dealer know and they can have on set up ready to go before you got there. Helmets and other bicycle accessories which are not convenient to hire can be purchased from the bicycle shop.

The TRYCYCLE bicycle is merely an aluminium bicycle frame with standard parts attached, by the bike shop. The frame isn’t just an ordinary frame though. It is adjustable to suit the size of the rider, as part of the top tube can be removed and the down tube has a second fixing to shorten the effective top tube of the bicycle by 60mm. The seat tube does not need to be adjustable as with the use of a 400mm and different length crank arms, will accommodate all sized riders (from a 5% female to a 95% male). The stem on the bicycle (the bit which holds the bars) is a standard size and is chosen based on the desired fit of the bicycle (for 50-140mm with both rises and drops). The use of standard parts in this instance reduces the cost and allows correct fit.

The attachment of the two halves of the bicycle are very strong and designed to prevent twisting or flex of the frame aiding in strong frame, which is straight – allowing the rider to have a better rider experience and the frame to last many, many years in service. 

The elevate chain stay with horizontal dropouts allows the use of a Shimano Nexus 8 speed internally geared hub and a belt drive system. This system is not affected by water, dirt or road grime and requires little maintenance compared to existing geared systems running with roller pin chains.  Further to the maintenance free bike, sealed bearings are used, including an integrated headset with pressed, angular contact bearings, coupling an integrated bearing race on the forks. Long lasting and puncture proof tyres are used to – trouble free riding has never been this easy!

Annodised aluminium is used as it is strong, light and corrosion resistant. The annodised exterior provides a tough and durable finish, keeping the bicycle looking fresh. The tubes are drawn and hyrdoformed to prevent and kinks in the tube which could lead to failure. Manipulated tubing allows clearance for bigger tyres and mudguards should the rider chose to ride with the bike when the roads are wet.  Dropouts and fittings are investment cast.

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