Monday, September 20, 2010

Project 1 COMPLETE

Spanner Lock

The Spanner Lock is aimed at Males, 18-27 in age, who are the Inner city dweller type. These people are into ‘fixed gear bicycles/fixies’, attends social based rides and alleycat’s. This person is somewhat of a utilitarian, and is efficient and organised.
His preferred method of transport is a bicycle.

The lack of freewheel on a fixed gear bike means 100% efficiency and often these bicycles don’t have brakes – adding to the minimalistic aesthetic. While riding this type of bicycle it requires full concentration – distractions such as loose backpacks, rattling frame mounted bags or a spanner falling out of your pocket is the last thing you need. That said, a basis for the project and criteria was created. The project went on.

The result: A foldable tool with 15mm spanner combined with a lock.

A bicycle chain has been used as a handle as is allows movement down one axis but the other, is solid and does not ‘fold’ which allows enough leverage so to be used as a handle of a spanner. This also allows the handle to fold and the product to fit in the pocket of the user. This is important to the user group because it allows him to fold the product up and fit it in his pocket (front or back) thus eliminating the back pack.

An aluminium alloy would be used as a main material for the body/solid section and hardened steel alloy for the spanner/socket end and the lock. The body will be lighter and easier to machine with the aluminium alloy body and the ends will be tough and longer lasting with the hardened steel alloy. To the user this is important as it is long lasting, but light enough to have in his pocket.

The shape of the barrel is cylindrical for two prominent reasons. Firstly it’s easy to machine/manufacture while secondly there are no sharp edges or points, which could cause more damage in the event of a crash.
In terms of size, the barrel is around the size of a bicycle tube in diametre and the length is short enough to comfortable fit in jean pockets. The user group would almost always ride in rolled up jeans or cut-offs (jeans with the legs cut off into shorts).
The solid black colour gives a sense of strength while also actively does not draw attention to it. Black also doesn’t ‘clash’ with any colour. This is important because the bicycles they ride are more often then not are beautiful.

The chain handle is offset to allow for the lock mechanisms and a colour band closer to the lock end for easier identification, thus making it easier/quicker to unlock the lock. 15mm socket as this will fit the nuts on the axles of both the front and back wheel of a fixed gear bicycles the user would ride.

The inner tube is used over the chain to prevent scratching to the bicycle while locked up and also adds to the aesthetic and items appeal. The user likes bicycle related stuff. This product has so much of it the user takes every opportunity to show it of to his friends. Grippy/Rubber handle provides comfort for user. The lock is inset so that thief’s cannot lever it out, providing greater safety.

A situation this lock would be used in would be if the target user group needed to go up to the shops for whichever reason. He’s not going to bring a backpack because he doesn’t need it, because he has the Spanner Lock in his pocket. He gets to the shops quickly and locks the bike up to a pole without a fuss. When he’s inside he bumps into a friend, and stays for a chat, knowing his bike is safe….and that he doesn’t have a sweat dripping down his back from backpack. He walks outside, bike still where he left it. Due to ‘Murphy’s law’ because he has all the tools he need with him (in pockets) nothing goes wrong with the bicycle. Not even a flat to dampen his mood.
Talking to this friend proves to be the catalyst for a very good day.

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  1. Hey Alex,

    I think that you have obviously nailed your target market with an innovative product. Have you asked your mates if they'd use it? I would definitely consider purchasing this sort of product if it competed with current d-lock prices!!

  2. great design. i really like how its so portable and easy to transport this makes it very convenient for your target market. the overall design just screams out your target market it aesthetic qualities fit perfectly. i really could not suggest anything to change with this product it is very well thought out and executed exquisitely.

  3. What a great idea. I like universality of this design. Two functions in one object. It is compact and portable. Good product for a mobile people. Great work.

  4. This design is really good. I like how you have incorporated two functions into the one product. i think you could have made this product more pleasurable through the use ofhand grooves and grip, something to make it more comfortable to use.

  5. Why wasn't this thought of before? Great idea that has a lot of potential. The fact that your combining two major elements a bike needs into one is fantastic. You've utilised elements of a bike, to give it a genuine feel.
    In the image it shows a lot of slack- does there need to be this much or can it be shortened to make it a bit smaller? Also, is there any other room or possibility to hold other tools?
    You've utilised elements of a bike, to give it a genuine feel.