Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peer comments.

@Mikee's -
'I rather like this idea. The bold, solid shape, is slightly mysterious and doesn't hint at what it really is. As soon as the pencils go in, you can tell that it is an echidna – your target markets probably all over that. Colour is good, and with a slight tone change, it wouldn’t be out of place in the dinosaur designs coral sea collection.
The only thing I think I would change would be the overall shape. Something more like a cartoon, with a basic form of an echidna – almost like a character. '

@Xavier Mancini -
'These don’t belong in a draw, these are art. I really like the form of these, individually and as a pairing. The contrast in the two textures, brushed and shiny really adds just a little more class!
Personally, I think some colour (on the edges) might add to the appeal of the servers which may appeal to a larger market.'

@Daihyun Jang
'I love the idea of a strainer you can hold, while pouring out water. The thermachromatic paint which increase the dynamics of this product appeal is very clever.
In terms of improvements further development of the shape might prove to be successful?'

@Eunbi Yoo
'The look of this product is something to behold, its so interesting. The contrast between the gloss white and pine grain is awesome. Add to this the stainless silver whisk end and the colour palette choices is that of a genius. As a whisk I personally cannot see it working, but who cares when a child trying to cook - lets face it - the majority can't and just make a mess.'

@Seb Gregable
'First off, GREAT presentation.
The idea of the project is great, as was the exception. The socio aspect of the project is really interesting. Although I don't drink coffee, I'd happily have this sitting on my coffee table.
I would like to say that the colour scheme may benefit from a lighter tone, or something more vibrant - but I can't, because I'm not someone who buy this product and use it as intended. A job well done I say.'

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