Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Task 6e

To be honest, I really didn't like this show, the same as I don't like most reality tv – there seems to be much more going on behind the scenes which annoys me. As we’re not here to discuss reality tv here we go.

1. Phillip Starck as a designer is ridiculously interesting. His quirkiness and humble arrogance (or arrogant humbleness?) really makes him more unique then any of the tutor/designers I have ever meet. His insight to design’s were interesting as was some of the tasks and challenges. The whole concept of the show is actually pretty cool

2. The insight to the design industry and cultural aspects was really ‘eye-opneing’ and broadened my open mind (so arrogant – prick) more so then other design related videos reviewed previously. Although I can’t say I learned that much.

3. The most beneficial part of this was the watching how other (hand picked by the man himself) designers work, and the processes they take whether deliberate or unintentionally, take to arrive at their ‘designs’

As for the winner… don’t get me started on that (refer to opening statement).

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