Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Here is my last project. 100% not happy with prety much all aspects of it due to the last week and its events that most of you know about. Anyway:

The Sketch Artist Pencil Case

Using cut outs from a polyester banner as the base material the Pencil case can be very interesting and unique. The Banners vary greatly and a constant supply is guaranteed through Sydney council and other marketing companies who produce these flags. Each banner contains around 8 metres squared of material and each base bit of material only use 0.12 metres squared. Allowing up to 40% waste you can still get 30-35 pencil cases out of one banner.

The Inner Tubes used in the Pencil Case are from a bicycle. A single tube is used per Pencil case. Used Inner Tubes can be sourced from bicycles stores easily and there will always be a constant supply.
Both Materials can be obtained for free or very little cost. Allowing for transport you may say costing in material for each Pencil Case is less than a dollar.

In the Construction of the Pencil Case, Press studs and cotton line is used. This will cost less than a dollar per Pencil case as both are cheap. There are no adverse affects to the environment using either material in these quantities.
Construction of these Pencil Cases could be streamlined and worked in an assembly line which means you could produce around 15-20 Pencil cases an hour or more depending on the skill of the person. If each pencil case sold for $39.95 (or more) than you could make a small business off the back of the Pencil Case’s depending on sales. As there is no shortage in materials you could continue to make these, offering each a different style from different banners as a limited edition. (i.e the banner used in the construction of the presented project was part of the Sydney Film Festival Banner so it would be part of the Sydney Film Festival Collection.)

This Product could be found for sale in Art shops and tourist shop (Sydney banner) with a wide range of potential consumers not limited to those who are just artistically talented. It could also be offered full with pens, pencils and markers at an adjusted price point.

The design features of this product are in the details. Dual tone stitching (Black and Gray) adds increased contrast the Pencil case while framing the unique Base of the Pencil Case. The Heavy duty Inner tubes are sewn and spaced so that multiple types of stationary and equipment will work and fit increasing the dynamics this product offers. The double sewn edges and reinforced areas are the push/press studs to increase durability. The layout of the Pencil Case allows the user to open either section individually but also identify and select stationary without opening the Pencil Case at all. The Marker section is open and wide which provides a target zone to leave markers when switching between them so that you don’t those them and always know where they are. The simple nature of this product and usability along with the uniqueness and limited edition nature of the product will ensure the success of the product.

And the transformer poster.


  1. I really like the material you chose to make the case out of - it was exciting and allowed for a "one of a kind" feel to each product while still definitely allowing for mass production and still with easy access to a large amount of material.
    Having said that, I feel that you could have resolved the details of your case better - basically why apart from the material the case would be more attractive than a competitor's.

    I look forward to seeing more work of yours next year!

  2. What a material to use! I would have never thought about the flags as being such a waste material and the best part is it has a practical use. The incorporation of the tyre rubber adds to the 'upcycling' of a wasted product. You've clearly thought about a waste product that would otherwise be overlooked. Great idea and even better purpose.

  3. great choice in your materials. i really like how you used the flag for the overall material and the tubing to hold the various pens and pencils. what i would of done differently is make the pencil case roll up rather than fold together this would make it more attractive i think. i unfortunately didnt get to see this design on the day and hope that all goes well for you.

  4. Wicked materials dude! i think its been thought out alot and it shows in the progression of the product. I think the fact that its a material that would normally be neglected and thrown out, it has been turned into an upcycled product. Good stuff dude.