Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Task 6d

Gary Hustwit: Objectified
As a designer I found this video REALLY interesting, the insight into other designers minds, thoughts and philosophies really help whittle down what I, as a designer want to aspire to, and what I want to motivate me, like form, following function and the whole dieter rams: ‘less, but better’ motto.

I think Mac have really latched onto ‘less, but better’ and have really made it there own considering there lap tops and other technologic mediums. There Mac Book Air as a product, is *insert explicit word here* beautiful, even if you don’t like apple products (whether that be reasonable or not), it’s a great looking thing, even if there’s a lot less of it then other net book style products out there.

Having something that nice, that you can connect to (emotional design – bloody love it) can have a few things contribute to it. Products – like Macs to some – are a pleasure to use, and you can become attached to them because of it (or cause you spend waaaaay too much time on them each day). The other reason is products which over time don’t wear out, but in – like a nice suit case, probably leather. Leather is one of those things which does get better with age and on a personal note, I know this. Take the popular brooks b17 leather touring saddle (bicycles) – known for just this – getting better with age, the more you ride on it, as it moulds and softens to your butt. Yeah this kind of stuff motivates me, my purple d-clip which holds my keys has that much anodise worn off its now more silver than purple, but it’s still my ‘purple’ d-clip.

Oh and if I can ever design products like invisible lights in laptops, or something that could rival dieter rams – I’d be a happy many. Happy days – now to go for a ride on my brooks saddle! Happy holidays y’all, see you next year.

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