Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peer comments v2.0

@Wesley Chiang 'I like that this bowl looks alive, especially with the fruits in it... They really look like they are making the bowl 'splash'
I'd grade the colouring on the bottle caps to increase the dynamics and add that little bit extra. It could also perhaps be a touch bigger.'

@Helen Holman
Congrats on this project. I really like it, as I mentioned to you in class. The craft(wo)menship is amazing.
I'd add a few things such as the apporiate hardwear to adjust the strap length and a coloured lining so you can identify objects easily inside the bag.

@Steph Hutcherson
Awww steph I really like this! The overall form is nice, and it does seem to work. Use of the phonebook as a material is very clever.
I would probably change the nut and bolt to something more elegant and thats about it.... the only thing is a wet knife *may* spoil the paper? Would there be any tranfer of ink to the knifes surface from heat/humidty?

@Melinda Kingsland
Yeah Mel! Great looking product, functional and very creative in the concept of the idea.
Seeing a 'nerd' may buy this, the addition of acouple of extra pockets might appeal to that consumer abit more?
The abilty to have different cases with the same concept as this, but different sizes - creating a range leads to me thinking it could be a commercial prospect.

@Henry Treloar
I would of liked this project because of what you made out of it, but even if I looked at it critically, I like all the features of it. I can see it on my desk, with a computer next to it. Even non-cyclist would like this I think. The colour choice, shape, form and concept are all great. I can see this item at shops like myer and davidjones. Wouldn't change anything and i'd take one while I was at it.

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