Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Task 6c - Annie Leonard: The story of stuff


Interesting Video about the importance of comsumers in society and the way trends have been castalysted by them. The current throw away trend of new, cheap throw away items certainly grabs my attention because as a cosumer myself, I like to buy something that will last, that I will love and that has had thought put into the design of it. I also don't want it spotaneusly combusting on me when a newer version of it comes out. (the curse of built in obselence)
As an Industrial designer/studnet, the need to change this trend as well as the consumers actions through good products, which they'll want to keep using, and grow an emotional connection to (much like the previous discussed video by Don Norman). Obviously without a need to purchase new products, the amount of new products produces decreases, therefore less waste = good for the environment. (personal note: we NEED to look after the environment.)

I think this video also raises a valid point about the amount of materials being used. If society keeps on using (whether by choice/trends/other)disposiable products, the materials to make the products will eventually run out, and the current consumer climate, although not promoting this, does however, allow these, materials to be used, and the enovironment won't be able to substain this forever. (unless we adapt via new systems and technologies which may allow this).

By designing stuff which will last, of that we can atleast control the story of (somewhat), by doing this, as designers, we can control the amount of poetential waste, waste which is caused by Consumerism, which is bad, if you haven't noted.
These are the points I dwelled on most as they seem to be the most relevant at the current time.

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